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Holly & Evan Sleppy
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Holly Sleppy

Flying - 11/12/2012 While my son Evan struggles with some of the hallmarks of autism – social awkwardness, anxiety and impulsivity – he excels in certain areas too. In his case, it’s on the stage.

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Overcoming an Autism Diagnosis - 02/20/2012 The Diagnosis that Stopped My World from Spinning - 09/20/2011

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Virtua Woman Columnist Brie Latini

Brie Latini

The State of the Spectrum: Our Autism Update - 06/03/2014 Several weeks ago, Brie Latini shared the story of her son's Autism diagnosis. That was 2 years ago, and Brie's son and family have come a long way. Read more about Brie's parenting journey. Read full article

The Red Flag of Autism - 04/04/2014

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7 Stay-Sane Stay-At-Home Mom Survival Tips - 06/13/2014 M.B. Sanok made the transition from a working woman to a stay-at-home mom 12 years ago. Over the years, she's gone through a range of ups and downs that could make anyone a little looney. But she kept it together and now shares these stay-sane tips with you. Read full article

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Virtua Woman Columnist Chrissy Kissinger

Chrissy Kissinger

Losing the Baby Weight: The Key to Getting Back in Shape - 06/30/2014 Eight months post-partum, Chrissy hadn't started exercising again. She desperately needed some motivation and found it in a place she never dreamed. If you are having trouble finding your motivation, Chrissy shares 3 tips to help you get moving again. Read full article

Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets for New Moms - 05/16/2014 3 New-Mom Stress Busters - 02/19/2014

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Missy Stein

Missy Stein

5 Ways to Get Grandkids and Grandparents Talking on Thanksgiving - 11/12/2012 Do your kids feel like Thanksgiving with their grandparents is more like the Spanish Inquisition? Here's my conversation-starter cheat sheet that will get them all chatting so you can enjoy the holiday. Read full article

What Would Happen If I Turned Everything Inside Out? - 08/01/2010

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