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Holly & Evan Sleppy
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Holly Sleppy

Flying - 11/12/2012 While my son Evan struggles with some of the hallmarks of autism – social awkwardness, anxiety and impulsivity – he excels in certain areas too. In his case, it’s on the stage.

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Overcoming an Autism Diagnosis - 02/20/2012 The Diagnosis that Stopped My World from Spinning - 09/20/2011

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Virtua Woman Columnist Brie Latini

Brie Latini

The Red Flag of Autism - 04/04/2014 Brie Latini shares the emotional truth behind her son's Autism diagnosis. While it's not what she wanted for him, she keeps strong and keeps on swimming to keep her and her family afloat. Read full article

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Virtua Woman Columnist Chrissy Kissinger

Chrissy Kissinger

3 New-Mom Stress Busters - 02/19/2014 So many things cause stress in women’s lives. For Chrissy Kissinger, those triggers include a full-time career, graduate school and adventures in being a new mom. She shares 3 ways that new moms can deal with stress in a healthy way. Read full article

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Missy Stein

Missy Stein

5 Ways to Get Grandkids and Grandparents Talking on Thanksgiving - 11/12/2012 Do your kids feel like Thanksgiving with their grandparents is more like the Spanish Inquisition? Here's my conversation-starter cheat sheet that will get them all chatting so you can enjoy the holiday. Read full article

What Would Happen If I Turned Everything Inside Out? - 08/01/2010

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Virtua Woman Columnist Barbara Berman
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Barbara Berman

6 Back-to-School Organizing Tips - 08/27/2012 With these few tips, you can make back-to-school less stressful and overwhelming by getting organized at the start! Read full article

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