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Virtua Woman Columnist Chrissy Kissinger

Chrissy Kissinger

Losing the Baby Weight: The Key to Getting Back in Shape - 06/30/2014 Eight months post-partum, Chrissy hadn't started exercising again. She desperately needed some motivation and found it in a place she never dreamed. If you are having trouble finding your motivation, Chrissy shares 3 tips to help you get moving again. Read full article

Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets for New Moms - 05/16/2014 3 New-Mom Stress Busters - 02/19/2014

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Missy Stein

Missy Stein

I Could Write a Book About Online Dating (Part 2) - 01/20/2014 Regardless of age or gender, anyone who’s ventured into the world of online dating can write a book. Mine would start with JDate Joe. Read full article

Missy: 3 Years, 3 Homes and 3 Dates Later (Part 1) - 07/23/2013 The Wistful Return of Downton Abbey - 01/03/2013

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Virtua Woman Columnist Barbara Berman
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Barbara Berman

5 Tips to Packing Successfully - 07/18/2014 We've all been there - you pack for a trip. Your suitcase is heavy and cumbersome, but you’re SURE you'll need everything that’s in there. Don't lug around stuff you don't need. Pack smart with these 5 tips from Barbara Berman, a professional organizer. Read full article

Are You Ready to Stop "Should"-ing Yourself? - 02/05/2014 6 Tips to Prepare for Winter - 11/25/2013

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Fran Davis, Virtua Woman columnist
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Fran Davis

Stick to Your Food Goals - 04/07/2014 Fran Davis shares simple tips to set you up for success in your kitchen rather than beating yourself up for lack of willpower. Take these 5 steps to meet your diet and weight loss goals. Read full article

The Thanksgiving 411 - 11/12/2013 3 Flavorful Summer Marinades - 07/02/2013

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Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Alene Brennan
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Alene Brennan

Digital Detox - 10/16/2013 Is killing time Facebook-ing and playing games on your smartphone also killing your productivity and even REAL face-to-face conversations? It may be time for a digital detox. Read full article

10 Ways to Live Mindfully this Fall - 10/01/2013 Do You Remember Your First? - 09/18/2013

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